Thursday, January 14, 2010

Unfortunately, Fortunately

Unfortunately I bought a book on Amazon spending money that I shouldn't have.

Click HERE.

Fortunately it is a must have, though it rarely appears on classics lists.

Unfortunately the delivery seemed to take FOREVER.

Fortunately the package arrived and instead of containing one book, there were 2 stuck together!

This book is a favorite of mine. As it doesn't follow a mainstream pattern that most children's books are written in, it caught my interest immediately. Fortunately follows an AB pattern-like format as demonstrated by my above story/narrative. The first page starts out with a "fortunately" statement and the next page follows with an "unfortunately" turn of events, which is then turned around on the next page to another "fortunately" change in plot. The pattern continues till the end when.... I'm not going to tell you the end!

Finding children's books to entertain my 13 year-old brother is an extreme challenge now and I must pronounce that this book was approved and enjoyed by him. It is a very accessible one for all ages and versatile with the types of instruction that can be given. It is appropriate for the ages ranging from 5 years old all the way up to your age. I rarely buy books brand new. This book was a definite exception. Check it (Fortunately by Remy Charlip) out HERE!

Uses in class/at home:

1. Read and make predictions, "What will happen next?!".
2. Discuss choices/consequences.
3. Practice using the vocabulary "fortunately" and "unfortunately" around the house in conversation.
3. Write your own "Fortunately" story.


4. You who have read it, what are your insights and suggestions?

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