Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Doctor De Soto Display

I found this picture and was instantly captured by.... the background. If you look closely, you might see Dr. De Soto standing atop his sky-rise ladder. Meanwhile the fox waits patiently with a wide-open mouth. Oh how I wish I had such a complimentary display for my library... I mean future library. Click the HERE to visit the source from which it came. Below is the Caldecott honor book that contains the characters from the above display (Doctor De Soto). The book next to it its sequel Doctor De Soto Goes to Africa. Click on them to purchase.

While on topic of the display and Doctor De Soto, I'll give a shout out for the author/illustrator William Steig. This will be the first of many shout outs for him. A distinguishing feature of most of his literature is inclusion of higher-level vocabulary. While the illustrations consist of cartoon-like characters, his fluency appeal and story concepts are more difficult than the front cover suggests. I especially recommend his books for higher elementary grade-level teachers, as finding appropriate picture books can become a bit tricky at that stage of learning.

Before I sign out, do you know where that Dr. De Soto Display came from? Please tell me! Also, check out these books and add them to your lot of reading!

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